Databse error fat32 (Samsung T3 SSD - 1tb - usb 3.1)

Good morning. I have a ssd that has 40,000 songs, I’ve made a fat32 format and I’m going to collect it in the engine. Sometimes it stops and says it is a database error. Because he has made an archive of more than 4gb in the engine library !!! What do I do now since fat32 can not do database over 4gb ??? (format to exfat …or?)

I’d definitely suggest exFat.

If this limitation is a becoming a common thing people run into perhaps the development team could look into chained databases or a smart ‘flexible’ database.

What I mean by flexible:

  • Engine Prime will use near the maximum size of database for full functionality with pre-analyzed files
  • Always store the information for search (because this uses relative small storage) and give full access to all tracks
  • The the oldest not played tracks loses his waveform etc when new files are added causing database to stay within max size
  • If an old track is loaded into the player, the player could analyze the rest (waveform etc) and treat it like a new file. The next oldest not played track then loses his waveform etc…

In this way the database can stay inside limitation, all files are available and maximum files are pre-analyzed completely.

I’m sure our Dev team can shed some light into this conversation - FAT32 is recommended as much as ExFAT so clarification is needed or some sort of analysis of your opening post. I’ll escalate this…

This is, unfortunately, a limitiation of Windows FAT32 formatted drives. You will definitely want to reformat the disk using a different type in order to eliminate the 4GB limitation.

It all depends what is stored in the database and how. My rekordbox DB is only a few KB large (for 200GB of Music). Analyse data or Artwork is kept in small files. If Engine puts this all in one DB file you easily reach the 4GB Limit for Fat32. In this case it will be a design thing and you probably will not have another choice to move to a file System supporting larger files.

Please see this extract from the SC5000 knowledge base document:

Database Size:

"We recommend limiting the total track count to under 10,000 songs on a media source. Larger track counts may affect load/search/sort times. We recommend that you only add songs to a drive that you need for the show/night/tour.

If a combined database size in the Engine Library folder is larger than 2.4 Gb, the database will only be loadable by the local player. Multiple factors determine the size of the database files including, how many files are in the database, if these files are pre-analyzed, how long the files are and if the files contain album art"

It’s highly recommended that IF you wish to use your media source solely with Engine Prime and the SC5000 unit, you adopt an ExFAT formatting. This does not have the GB database limitations of FAT32 and is more future ready for the Denon DJ ecosystem. If however you wish to use your media source in an SC5000 and our main competitor brand flagship units, then you have to use FAT32 for cross-compatibility and accept therefore the database limitations of that formatting option.

hmm… this would be an issue for me… Not sure how big my engine database would be as I couldn’t convert mine so far, but it would be more than 10000 Tracks. It would be in the range of 26k Tracks. My XDJ-1000 managing that without a problem right now. This is something I would Need to evaluate before taking a decision of a purchase. Hope this will improve with further updates.

Just for my clarity. If I am operating with 2 USB drives, each with a DB with more than 10000 Track and let each Player to have one USB drive, they can load it…not convenient but a possible work around?

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I would split the 26k songs over 3 thumb drives, each drive will then have<10k songs

Still some sort of work around which shouldn’t be needed for such an advanced gear. But let see if this will improve moving forward.

Wait, wait…

Prior to release it was consistently talked about that there was no upper limit to the tracks we could add. There are threads where Denon staff are talking about hooking up 1TB drives to each of the 3 ports to have 3TB of tracks available. How does this balance out with a 10,000 song cap? What’s the point of a TB drive if you can only have 10,000 tracks on it?

I’m working on converting my master library archive (70,000+ tracks) to Engine Prime. My plan was to have the tracks I planned for a show on USB sticks, but to keep a portable drive with my master archive just in case a request out of left field came along. Is this not going to be possible? Does this mean on my main prep computer I shouldn’t be trying to add all my music?

Hopefully I’m just misunderstanding what I’m reading here.

That’s only a recommendation, not an upper capped limit.

Remember too that the recommendation is per media source - one deck can take 4 media sources; two decks; 8 media sources etc

Okay, but what’s the point of advertising you can hook up an “8 PETAbyte” drive (I just linked through and read that entire article Paul referenced) if it is being strongly recommended that you don’t put more than 10,000 tracks on it. There’s something out of whack in those two statements.

Regardless, my immediate concern is with how I should be prepping my master library. Does this same limitation apply to the drive on my prep computer? It won’t ever touch the player (being that it’s internal) but should I only be keeping 10,000 tracks sorted on it at any given time or is the desktop software able to handle the larger “master” library?

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One more thing I wanted to add is the SC5000 Hangs up and says UPDATING