Databases - what is stored where?

Been using Engine Prime for a week now - have to say it’s been a bit of a nightmare, corrupt databases a couple of times (with Beta), slow packing, even for a couple of files. Question is - what is stored where? I have an Engine Prime database on my Mac in the Music folder, an Engine Prime database on my External Drive that contains my whole library (originally from Rekordbox) and an Engine Prime database on my ‘Primed’ USB to be used in a prime 4. I keep making copies of all of them as I’ve had a nightmare with the software so far, but it seems that playlists possibly are kept on the Mac, Crate info on the actual external drive with all the music maybe? Just want to know what is where and how it’s best to backup. A slightly different issue - I’ve had a few times now an issue where when you click to highlight a track it doesn’t, unless you click specifically on the album art or further down on the key. It seems like the calibration is all messed up and won’t then let me drag anything to any folders etc. Often a reset will cure this. Anyone else had this?


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You can easily find out what is on each database by opening the .db files using any SQLite browser software. I’m sure there are lightweight freeware programs around.

I can take a look but it won’t be until the weekend (free time permitting) so if you need the answer beforehand its best to DIY it.

Will try that, cheers for the reply!

This resource is rather informative