Database on PC Corrupt

I recently upgraded to Engine Prime 1.5, after running the database cleanup I got the following message. Database of C: is corrupt and may not work properly. Please reformat and rebuild this drive

I have never seen this error before for my computer’s internal drive. I have had it happen on USB drives that are end of life, which I discarded. My library is not huge, around 6000 songs, but I have a significant number of hot cues and a handful of loops that I may risk losing. I also sometimes sort my library by date added when playing and would prefer to not lose this data.

Is there a more invasive cleanup option rather than discarding my entire library? I don’t mind throwing a few hundred songs out of the library to re-add them but would prefer to not do that for my entire collection.

If someone from the engineering/support team sees this I absolutely do not mind parsing and cleaning sections of semi-structured data, I can write regex expressions if that will in any way aid my cleanup.

On what drive donYou keep Your music?

Did you take a backup of your Engine Library folder?

The internal SSD.

I don’t have a recent backup, it only shows the error message when I run the library cleanup.

But is it only one partition or is it a D or E drive??