Database of (Unknown) is corrupt and may not work properly

  • Product: SC5000M

  • Beta Version:

[v1.4.2 (SoundCloud) Public Beta 1

  • Steps to Reproduce:

All I have to do is turn it on.

  • Expected Result:

No error message.

  • Actual Result:

Error message: Database of (Unknown) is corrupt and may not work properly.

  • Reproducibility:


  • Additional Notes:

Issues started occurring when I was noticing on all 3 SC5000 and both (2) SC5000M I have with SoundCloud not being reliable when a drive or SD card is sourced on the units. Apparently SoundCloud streaming just isn’t reliable when it’s saving analysis files, cues, and meta data on storage devices. So I unplugged all of them. I may have popped the SD cards out without ejecting them first, but one M doesn’t do this and one does even after reboot.


Analyzed key is also not showing in upper right corner of HUD, and next track loads the same track.

Link to Video Repro: