Database issues since Engine 2, is there a solution yet?


as many of you, i got the Denon Prime 4 and was happy until the engine 2.0 update. I got the problem, that every time when i put some new tracks into my Prime 4 SSD, the new tracks have overwritten old tracks. Sometime without rename the old track files. So, the update destroyed most of my playlists as you can imagine. After talking to the denon support, i downgraded immediately to Engine 1.6 and was happy again with it. Now i gave engine another chance and tried to update to 2.1, but the issues are still the same and i directly downgraded again to 1.6. Is there yet any solution for this problem? I would rather like to use the latest update, but with this problem, it is impossible :smiley:

Thanks for your help.

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Hey @djrobinho Welcome to the forum.

Check what sync settings You have selected in the older Engine prime and check also in the new Engine dj. There could be some overwrite issue there… also if You made any changes to the playlist on the computer, sync will transfer these changes to the prime 4 if You don’t set it differently.

Welche Sync-Einstellung sollte es denn sein?

Wir sprechen über die Datenbanksynchronisierung zwischen externer und interner Bibliothek.