Database Corruption - A lot

As I’m collecting songs I’m dragging them into my folders on my external usb ssd drive, I have folders such as DnB, Afrobeat, Hiphop etc

I pick up maybe 3-4 tracks a day, sort them into the folders, open up prime engine and I have crates with the same names as the folders

I am regularly getting a database corruption when I drag the folder from the desktop onto the crate meaning I’m having to keep copying over my db backup (which I do before each update) but this can’t be usual surely? Is this a common glitch or does anyone have insight?

Thanks again for answering my newb questions

What type of storage are u using?

1tb External ssd, one of the rugged ones from sandisk

There have been a few threads regarding DB corruption in relation to the Prime 4. Hopefully Denon have seen them and are investigating.

You see, I only got db corruption on an external ssd. If I was to unplug it from my desktop without turning it off when I plugged it into p4 it would be corrupt. But my internal crucial ssd hasnt corrupted once. And I’ve removed external devices from computer mode a couple of times too quickly. I use my phone as computer and a laptop, depending where I am…

Make sure u turn it off in windows first…