Database corrupted

Hi, I’m new to the Denon products. I used to have a pioneer xdj-rx and I’ve now bought an MCX8000. I’m new to everything and still need to fully explore how the device works but as far as I can tell, in order to use the mcx in standalone mode I first need to analyse my music in Engine Prime and export it to a USB. No problems there, worked the same way with my Pioneer xdj-rx and Rekordbox. So I imported my library into Engine Prime, created some new playlists and all seemed to be sort of fine. Now everytime I open Engine Prime it tells me the database of my (external) hard drive is corrupted. Rekordbox can read my hard drive perfectly fine so obviously the problem lies with the Engine Prime software. Things I’ve tried:

  • Deleting my entire collection, so I can import it again from another source. This is impossible cause the files don’t even show (comparing this problem to rekordbox: if rekordbox can not read your files it still shows them, giving the possibility to delete them)
  • Reinstalling Engine Prime so I can start from scratch again, importing files from a different source. This also doesn’t work cause apparantly the software remembers my collection even though I uninstalled the entire thing…

So, i thought let’s look for a solution on this forum. And the first thing I see is that this is a very common issue. The problem for me though is that I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

Now these are the two questions I would like to have answered:

  1. Is there a way to entirely wipe my collection, so I can create a collection with files from another source? That should avoid the problem Engine Prime seems to be having with my harddrive.
  2. Is there a solution to this problem? The pinned topic asking users to upload the log files is from July 2020, am I correct that it’s been a year and the problem still hasn’t been fixed?

It seems the best thing to do here seeing as you’ve already deleted the collection is to find the Engine Library folder (which contains the databases) and delete that.

Also, be aware that support for mcx8000 was only latter added to the Engine Prime after many complaints by owners.

Meaning, it’s shaite compared to Prime hardware and the unit itself has limitations (media files must be 44.1khz, playback issues with huge files (>200mb), etc

The only good thing about being ‘late on the train’ with mcx8000 is that all the issues are known and posted here on the forum, do take time to read other’s experiences (you need to turn on mcx8000 compatibility mode in engine, decide what to do with incompatible media (delete or convert), export also using a special mcx8000 export option,…)

Heads up: it was designed as SDJ controller and it excels as that. Standalone is for backup and small gigs using small number of files on usb sticks. If you plan on using your entire collection on a huge external drive I think you will be severely dissapointed.