Database corrupt

So I’m at the venue of my Valentine’s day gig it 7pm right now in Nigeria and I’m supposed to play till 4am. Put my SDCARD in the computer to add a 50 song playlist to it and my Windows computer goes like scan to fix error, after scanning it asked to restart the system and after the restart engine prime says my database is corrupt. What do I do? Can’t rebuild RN I have about 50mins till the event starts

Pardon me for stating this, but you should have had a backup drive. There is perhaps not much time to rebuild the SD card.

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Hope you figured something out?

Use the P4 with Serato for the gig. That’s also a back up plan :grimacing:.

Serato saved the night, Had to take a bike back home to get my laptop. Realized this issue has been discussed severally on the forum, I hope future updates fix this. Things happen you know, you can have a loose USB port or something like that

Take a bike

that’s a very Naija thing lol.

Any reason why you choose to have your music on sd card rather than a thumb drive or even a SSD?

Once the Prime Go drops, that’s going to be most users default location for their collection,

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Yes for Prime Go,

OP is using a Prime 4