Database Corrupt Error Message

I am having issuess with the Denon Prime 4 Unit Reading a Collection…

…on USB …on SD …am SSD for my SATA internal 2.5" hard drive. All formatted exFAT.

I have loaded about 12,000 - 12,750 MP3 320 @ 44,000 at least that is what I started with. Very slow responce on powerup the wheel turns and turns. I then get a Database is corrupt message on powerup.

No searching available for songs available. I have hooked up the laptop and deleted all the songs and loaded the songs through Engine Prime. Still Database Is Corrupt and very slow

Hi Phil.

Strange you have this on all drives.

Are the databases prepared with latest Engine Prime 1.3.1?

HI @philgaitan - can you try this with a fresh formatted USB that just has a a few 100 songs on it.

Could you also please take a picture of the error message - thanks

Hi @philgaitan,

Sorry to hear this! What if you power the unit on without any media device connected, do you still see the message?

I had this same issue. Formatting in FAT32 (MS-DOS FAT in OSX) fixed the issue.

Large drives (up to 1TB can be formatted to FAT32 in Linux using GParted.

i dont have linux

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Which OS are you running?

Windows 10 the one Engine Prime calls out

Most of the large format format utilities (such as Tokiwa) build super unstable partitions in windows. Your better to use a USB portable version of linux such as Parrot OS or MInt. Plug in thumb drive, boot from thumb drive, format drive as FAT32 using GParted, restart and use drive with Engine.

Try Rufus - I’ve never had any corruption problems with it.

I did use Rufus

Did you see my question above?

Rufus can still have issues on partition tables for drives over 128GB. While I’ve never had issues using Rufus on Intel 545S and Crucial MX series SSD’s, I have seen issues using it for other brands (such as Kingston).

Thanks, I use 2x Kingston 128GB USB 3.0 drives so that would explain why I’ve never encountered this issue. I will keep this in mind if/when I upgrade my storage :slight_smile:

[Moving to general area as this is not a bug but a configuration issue]