D6000 tray with HC4500 / HD2500

I am using the HC4500 with the BU4500 cd-trays. I much prefer the slot load mechanism of my D6000 trays. Will the HC4500 or the HD2500 control the D6000 drives? Thanks

The simple answer is no. The comms protocols and the physical connectors are completely different. The BU4500 dual drawer units, and the drawer unit from either a DN-D4500 mk1 or mk2 (with no USB access) were the only CD units which will work with different selections of control panels/head units.

OK, hard hats on… there’s a discussion point here, which is a whole mini-version of the Mac Vs Microsoft, Nintendo Vs Xbox, VHS versus Betamax, MP3 Vs WAV etc etc etc.

Slot loading versus drawer loading… some of our earlier players, such as the DN-D9000 and the DN-S5000 used to accept either slot loading or drawer loading drives, at the users preference.

Drawer loaders offer more protection to the internal mechanism from airborne contaminants eg: theatrical smoke/haze, dust etc. But it’s easy to catch your headphone cable, or walk into a CD drawer thats been left open (Nearly all the Denon players have an adjustable Auto-Close setting, to make them close after x seconds of being open). Slot loaders have the inverse issues.

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Hi DJ Eclipse,

Unfortunately not, as the interface is different between the 2 drive units.

The D6000 has more functionality compared to the BU4500 unit, which is the base unit for the DN4500. Has dfferent electronics inside.


HD2500, HC4500 & BU4500 - Yes

HD2500, HC4500 & D6000 - Not possible

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your swift and informative replies!!

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