Cuts and noise in audio with pc / cortes y ruido en audio con pc

hola desde hace un par de meses que tengo el gran problema de cortes y ruidos cuando utilizo mi notebook, creia que era un problema de mi configuración por lo que me compre otra notebook y para mi triste sorpresa sigo teniendo el mismo problema, hable con la gente de serato y les detalle mi equipo y me dijieron que es un problema de Denon Dj, ya no se que hacer necesito ayuda!!! utilice el programa latency moon y me dice que es un problema de drivers, instale 3 windows distintos y siempre obtuve los mismos resultados, alguien puede decirme cual es el problema?

hello for a couple of months I have the big problem of cuts and noises when I use my notebook, I thought it was a problem of my configuration so I bought another notebook and to my sad surprise I still have the same problem, talk to the serato people and detail my team and they told me that it is a Denon Dj problem, I do not know what to do I need help !!! use the latency moon program and tell me that it is a driver problem, install 3 different windows and I always get the same results, can someone tell me what the problem is?

Most audio cuts and noises are a result of the latency being set too low for the performance and optimisation of the laptop being used with the software.

Try increasing the latency setting to about 30ms. If that works without cuts and noises, even when the laptop is running hot (a few hours of playback with effects/video and searching the hard drive for songs etc) then try dropping the latency setting down by 5ms for another test, and so on. if/when you get any cuts or noises then bring the latency back up a few numbers.

hi thanks for writing, I refer you 30ms assigned to serato or denon app, does not modify anything if I leave in 30ms permanent? thanks again for helping

I clarify that I use the factory settings both in my denon and serato