Custom Program keyboard buttons?

I’m a current MC4000/TP3 user looking at moving to the Prime4. Is there any way to add functionality to a button? For instance: if I wanted to shift the key without using the screen, can I program a combination of buttons (like SHIFT PROGRAM) to do that?

No. Not an option

For a MC4000 You can map anything You want in Traktor, for Prime 4 - not yet.

@DJ_Didi - I build custom mappings for traktor (also build a SC5000 mapping), so I can tell You, a lot is possible. Shift function actually is one of the easiest to make.

In midi mode yes, all sorts of mutated combos and modifiers can be mapped.

But, not in Prime standalone mode.

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Thank you both. My question was for standalone mode.

I’ve done a lot of remapping with TP3/MC4000 combination so I know the possibilities. The Prime 4 is a nice piece of kit but was wondering how much my workflow was going to change if/when I move to it.

If for no other reason than “everyone is different,” it would be nice to have a couple buttons and rotary encoder to use for a variety of purposes.

There is a shift button for extra functions, but it is coded like it is and no chance to change it.