Custom jog display minus playhead ring?

Denon recommends using a PNG that’s 600x600 pixels in size, however that size goes beyond the playhead part of the display. I would like my logo to fit within the usable area but not sure what size that is and haven’t found anything on the internet.

Start a project at 600 X 600. Create a Circle Mask. Place logo in center of Circle. Resize so it fits in the circle. Remove mask. Save/Export.


If you email a hi res of your logo to , I will do it for you.

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But if the circle is 600x600 it would do the same thing, the usable area is smaller than 600x600 so I’m not sure what difference using a mask would make.

Hello my logo is 250x250

Have any pictures of it displayed on the jogwheel?

You’re not THE DJ Dan are you?

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I was about to ask the same thing lmao

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Everything within the mask will show up on the player:

So you will end up with something like:

I will have a high quality raster e-mailed back to you later tonight. I just wanted to do this real quick to show others.

600 x 600 are the dimensions at the widest point of the circle in vertical and horizontal directions, you have to account for the circular screen (using masks as helllnegative demonstrates) when creating the logo images.