Custom boot screen image


Does anyone know if you can change the boot up image on the mcx8000 to your own image. Or if someone knows how to open op the firmware BIN files so you can edit them

  • Kristian

The problem is not unpacking the firmware, but repacking it after modification, because it may be signed and you have to know the signature. It will make a good exercise of interactive cooperation with the users if Denon could provide the source code in order to allow users to customize and even improve the firmware. Of course that this task should be supervised by Denon in order to approve and verify the smooth operation of a modded firmware. If one would choose to modify the firmware on it’s own and use it unofficially, it will accept the potential loss of warranty if something goes bad. The same ideea could be applied also for legacy products. In the mobile phones community this concept is working for years now, where users help manufacturers to improve the functionality of the products and it’s a win win combination for both parties.

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