Curious about your opinions

So I had a thought about the send return and the zone out feature. I’ve already sent an email to Denon about it, but what are your thoughts on (if its possible) if Denon manufactured a send/return option that replaced the zone out feature? I have no use for it and never aspire to. But the Prime 4 needs a send/ return bad.

as someone who would love to use RMX 1000 properly in future, the S/R would be great idea … i know that you can get it work with x1800 and higher mixers but those are way above my financial limits … i love my Prime 4, only things that i would like to improve is that S/R & add a knob for jog tighness, these topics were discussed here countless times and i know that it´s not technically possible to get these things to current version, maybe in future product

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@ColdJunction, yes im in the same boat. I absolutely love my prime 4. The Lack of a send/return is my biggest issue if not my only issue with it. Thats y i think it owuld be amazing if they engineered a way to physically remove the zone out and replace it with a send return. yes, all other options to have a send return in a “normal” setting require many more moneys. For myself if i was going to get a new mixer i would hands down go with a DJM 900 for its effects and then use an RMX with that…roughly 2K later lol

Probably won’t ever happen, plus you can just run the master out into a RMX1000 then to your PA or external sound card input.

I have the RMX1000 and a XONE96, the RMX1000 latency is horrible that it’s unusable with a send/return it can only be used with the master insert.

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