Cues and loops not recognized by controller

Hello everyone, I have the newest firmware on my MCX8000 and the most up to date version of Engine prime. I have everything set up right (I believe) But when I enter cues and loops on engine and copy them onto USB they are not recognised on the controller! Am I missing something? I have done it via syncing the USB and just drag and dropping but when I enter the music into the controller nothing. If anyone has any ideas of what I am doing wrong or what may be the problem you have no idea how grateful I will be. Instead of watching youtube videos, and reading instruction manuals for 6 hours Id rather be playing my controller, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Very few of Engine Primes software features work on the older, non-Prime named models.

If the mcx 8000 Compatibility option is on, the engine prime will tell you about any tracks that are in your collection that a prime can play, but an mcx would not.

But I’m not sure if Engine prime loops and cues Set up in Engine prime would stay intact on an mcx

But if you did, maybe you would be able to answer your questions yourself and learn better how to use the various features available to you. :wink: