Cue volume too low

I have a brand new x1850 and I notice the cue volume in my headphone is too low, also when the cue volume knob is at the maximum level.

anyone notice this issue? thanks

the cue volume is linked to the channel gain like on every mixer. how are your channel levels looking? all green? or do you see white or even blue leds?

Thanks Joxani for the reply, I’m using it in “studio”, master output level is very low. the channels level is all green , first withe led as peak.

Are your headphones particularly difficult to drive? Have you tried adjusting the cue mix knob?

In Utility you can boost the headphone output to accommodate higher impedance driven headphones.

What brand and exact type do you use?

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the master doesn’t matter in this case. anyhow it looks the same for me and i don’t even have the headphone knob at 12 o’clock. other than that what JonnyXDA said.

Headphones are AKG . I used them since years. never had problem. CUE/MIX knob is on cue.

I will try to boost it in Utility, as Reese suggests. I didn’t see this settings, neither on manual.

thanks to you

Both my BeyerDynamic’s (770 and 880 Pro) need a 6dB boost to have the level knob halfway at reasonable volume. I think they are both 250Ohm

My Sennheiser in-ears (IE500 Pro) don’t need that and a HD25 from a friend also does not.

See page 14 of the manual: Headphone Attenuation.

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thank you I’ve found the item in the manual

I will check once I will be back at home.

At the moment I need to put the volume knob at maximum to have reasonable volume … not good.

Okay great. Could still be a defect. I had that with an old mixer as well.

Which AKG is it with which impedance?

You need to be running your channel levels with music into the white and OVER the meter nominal zero. In general, a responsive, bouncy audio level meter should bounce around the zero, peaks above and troughs below, though the strobe character of a particular meter and its hold times can affect how well that technique works. However, your most dynamic tracks that seem the quietest at the same peaks as other tracks will actually need more level than those other tracks to sound as loud. So put these most dynamic, quietest tracks to the top white LED and the other tracks peaking lower. The average tracks should not go to the top white LED, which should be reserved for those tracks that need more juice… unless all your tracks for a set have a known, similar crest factor. Certainly stay out of the second-to-top LED (the first blue on your mixer) as that’s emergency headroom for accidental use and once you’re into it you won’t know how far from clip you are. For reference, a sine wave would only be put up to the 0dB mark on the channel meters, as it is a continuous tone with zero dynamics.

Also, either put your master volume knob at the zero unity mark, or set it and the booth attenuations in utility to 10 dB down and put the master at max on its knob which would become its new unity spot. Unity on the channel faders, by the way, is max.

And as others have pointed out, there is a headphone attenuation, though I think by default it is not down at all, and IMO it should be made larger, like any amount of attenuation we want rather than stopping at -10… though obviously you’re asking for more level not less. The X1800 jack is very loud, though, but the X1850 has a slightly different headphone stage. Personally, I’d like the attenuation settings to be by max peak voltage rather than dB down so we can match this setting to our headphones based on headphone specs to prevent hearing damage.

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I have checked. The impedance of my AKG is only 32 ohm. it should have good volume without boost it with Attenuation adjustment.

in any case at +8/+10dB…they have a good volume and half knob.

32Ohm should be loud indeed.

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Impedance has no real effect on output in this case, other than rolling off the deep bass if the headphone jack has too low of impedance compared to the headphone to affect the electrical damping of the driver-amp relationship. The figure you’re interested in is actually the sensitivity of the headphone at a given voltage unit, which should already account for your headphone impedance. Which model AKG?

The headphones are AKG K518DJ

115 dB SPL/V… probably at some headphone-relevant distance. It should get plenty loud unless they drastically underpowered the new X1850 headphone jack or your mixer is defective. Just follow the earlier instructions by myself and others.

P.S. Be kind to your ears.

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Thanks Reticuli for your patience. Actually with attenuation se to the maximum they are loud enough. But I suppose this is not normal. Before changing the mixer to x1850 use a Z2, I’ve never notice this low volume, gut I can put it back and check the headphone again. or what you suggest?

Did it default to -10 or something?

I’ve found the attenuation value at +3dB…i suppose it is by default.

The mixer clips its DACs at 1dB past the top meter LEDs. In other words, the top meter LEDs are -1dBFS. I would put the headphone attenuation at least three dB lower to at least its zero setting unless you oddly completely run out of headphone knob rotation to get it loud enough. At over +1dB on this setting, I believe, you might be capable of clipping the headphone stage DAC even if you don’t hit the top meter LED. At +3dB it’s technically pushing 2dB into potentially clipping if you just barely touch the double blues on the channels. You could actually be only at the first blue and clip the headphone jack with the 3dB setting, in other words. If you always stay out of the blues, then obviously no worries.

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