CUE point doesnt work at MCX 2.1 Firmware & Engine Prime 1.2.2

Hi all after Update: MCX 2.1 Firmware & Engine Prime 1.2.2 doesnt work cue points to me. I make cue points ať Engine Prime, export for mcx8000. But after plugin USB stick in a standalone mode NO CUE POINTS OR LOOPS THERE ať all. Please help / fix it.

Bonjour, J’ai remarqué ce problème, pour que les points cue passent sur la cle je fais glisser la playlist sur la clé et ainsi de suite. Si vous avez d’autres idées je suis intéressé. Cordialement

Did you add the hotcues in Engine Prime before or after the MCX8000 Export?

Hi yes i added cues and MCX ecported then on USB drive. No cues in standalone mode and when i put Flash Back to pc, cues are there.

Bad workflow with Engine prime. Don´t export for MCX8000. See “note export mode MCX8000” in this video (3:25 min)

That video describes what happens when you set a hotcue on the MCX unit itself - i.e they cannot be transferred from the unit back to Engine Prime. Unless I’m reading it wrong, nothing is said about hotcues created in Engine Prime then transferred to the unit via export.

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Also, I can confirm that the below workflow works for me, tested just today:

  1. Format USB
  2. Transfer Engine Prime library over to USB.
  3. Export MCX8000.

All hotcues in Engine Prime appeared on the unit just fine.

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Thanks i Will try it. Problem are my 6000 tracks. Export to MCX runs nearly 1 Hour :sunglasses:.

I think aleternative i can just delete all “. DDJMEMO” subfolders under “DDJ_MUSIC” folder in uds flash drive and save half a time importing engine prime database on flash dříve whole again. Ill let you know. Thanks for now.

That was the first thing I tried, however, I have over 60GB music on a 128GB USB 3.0 pen drive and the delete was predicting to take much longer than just starting it over again.

Once I transferred my library back over I then copied it to a folder on my C drive so if I format the USB again I can just copy back over, sync to Prime software and export.

Well I confirm. Used total commander software (files manager) for finding DDJ_MUSIC on USB drive and batch delete them. It took a 10sec on 64gb drive. Doing this you will reset all cues for mcx8000. After deleting press an mcx8000 export in Engine Prime and thats all! All cues working! Thanks for finding this way. Its important for adding cues for older tracks where i didnt have them berore.

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