Cue not spot on...when cue point is in the future

When I hit a cue pad which is forward on the track often it is not in sync/on beat with the other player, although quant is on. When the song is past the actual cue point and I then hit the cue pad then it is spot on.

Is this me or do you also experience this?

When Quantize is on, pressing a cue will trigger it in tempo with the triggered track’s BPM, not the other track. If you want to get a track in sync with another track with a cue button, either use the main cue, or turn quantize off.

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I am also noticing this issue but if the track is perfectly beat matched with the other track it should still land on beat with quantize on. Traktor / Serato / Pionner hardware all stay on beat if the tracks are beat matched without sync, Denon seems to be random where it lands if quantize is on while touching a hot cue.

I can hit a cue trigger with quantize on 1/4 using a 4x4 house track and it will not do it in time with a correct grid set within that single track, something is off hopefully its fixed on future firmware

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I agree 100%, when you are dropping a cue point the beats should stay matched. When you have two tracks playing and you hit a cue point on one, quantize should be regarding the track that’s on the other player when dropping a cue point or loop; not the track that the cue/loop is within. This is the purpose of quantize as far as I know.The purpose of quantize is to make sure your beats and phasing stay matched isn’t it? I’m coming from traktor and it functions in the way I am suggesting, sync or no sync. Cues and loops quantize to the master track. I don’t see any positive reason for it to function the way it currently does. If you enabled the “master” function to work independently of sync as it does in other software and controllers you could have any cue or loop that is triggered quantize to the master track. Masters often automatically switch, but have the option of toggling which deck as well. Denon,is this something that could be done? I think you could make a lot of customers happy by changing how this feature functions.

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