Cue Mix not isolating


Anyone have an issue where the headphone cue is not isolated when going all the way to the cue side? Master is bleeding in, and I am not sure why.



I had the same problem with my first x1800.

I returned it to the store and they send it of to denon for repar.

The store gave me a choise either a full refund or a new mixer

I chose for


I ended up doing the same thing. I bought a returned item from Amazon (Warehouse Deals) and the pot seemed to be broken.


31 December 2018

Today I was using my x1800 mixer and my headphone cue was not fully isolating my cue side and the master was still bleeding in. A simple Turn off and turn back on helped. I am a bit worried this may happen during a live performance.


is your fx cue on? mine will bleed over if it is, even if the knob is turned down.


I imdid this exact thing on Saturday, and was frustrated as hell for about 10 mins!!