Cue Memory Function Help

Unlike Rekordbox i cannot see how to set, store and cycle through cue points. It seems we only have the option to store up to 8 hot cue points - is this correct?

The same goes for the SC5000 interface when in performance mode.

Is this a limitation of the software/ player - I hope not :-/

Currently, Engine Prime and the players support 8 cue points - all which are available at the same time on the pads.

There are also 8 saved loops available that you can take advantage of as well.

Can you describe what you are looking to do workflow wise? Maybe we can figure out something that works for you.

Thanks for heads up.

I come from from Rekordbox having switched from my CDJ2000 Nexus to SC5000M - on the whole I’ve not been disappointed. Great players!

What I would say, from recollection, Rekordbox permits up to 10 memory cues/loops to be stored in addition to the 8 hot cue points. You can set and navigate quickly through the 10 memory cues/loops using memory, and call commands.

I think the functionality of be able to rename the 8 cues currently within Engine, as this allows for greater ability to split tracks up into key sections/ segments which have different energy/musicality. However, only having 8 cues that can be recalled using the pads is a limiting factor on ability to split up complex tracks in this way.

I appreciate there is a limit of the players, but maybe there is some room for further functionality to be added for setting and calling additional cues in future firmware updates.

It would also be nice to see a “bars/beats remaining until next cue point” be added to player, and the ability to display/hide different types of track information, such as current BPM etc.



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If you’re using the markers to mark tracks, you may have just as good luck with the saved loops. A combination of the 2 different types of saved markers would give you 16 possible choices.

From the example of using cues as marker points, this is quite true.

Some way of saving cue points and being able to cycle and recall them without initiating playback via the trigger buttons would remain a useful additional feature to add in the future.

Many thanks for the support.


Hello Denon Team, As a long RB user, I have 2 - 3 points that I would like to suggest to integrate this in Engine Prime also possibly improve.

  1. I noticed that the track analysis does not work 100%. The values ​​sometimes do not fit.

  2. maybe you can also include a metronome so you can better customize the beatgrids.

  3. In the case of the beatgrids you do not have the possibility to adjust them manually … ie put the bars themselves.

  4. The most important and therefore a must … Momory Loop (loop activ) in RB or also in NI Traktor … unfortunately this important function is missing but you really need it for standalone players … so that at the end of the track a final loop will be set which automatically works … VERY IMPORTANT!!!

This should definitely not be a criticism, but only suggestions for improvement …

For me point 4 is the most important of all points and I think if you want to compete with the other players point 4 must be implemented in any case as soon as possible …


Hello dj Ozzy look at your loop function on the table !!! first load a track second go to loop button an active the loop that you make and than play your track . at the and the loop will go on try that .

Hello djyg102, my question was actually, if there is actually the automatic loop function.

Let me give you an example: In Rekordbox music management software there is the function to save a loop which ALWAYS remains active …

In the workflow it looks like this: I have analyzed a track Beatgrits BPM, Key, everything fits. At the beginning of the track I set a hot cue and at the end of the song I set a loop which should automatically loop as soon as it reaches the position of the song (without having to manually activate the loop). I did not find this function in Engine Prime … 1.2.2 Info: My SC5000 are up to date.

To describe it even more clearly: When I set a loop in RB, a yellow loop symbol appears in the memory cue. If I click on the yellow loop icon again, this will turn red and thus he sets the loop to active. (Loop active / Momory loop). If the loop symbol is yellow this is not permanently active and one would have to activate also on the players the loop itself.

There are 2 different ways to save a loop

  1. Normal Loop (yellow icon) there you have to activate the loop on the players themselves 2 active loop (red symbol) you do not have to activate the loop on the player itself, because it is already saved as an active loop.

I hope now that I have created some clarity and also made understandable what is meant …

the way @djyg102 describes it the SC5000 will perform like the “active loop” on the CDJ but it is a Multi step process and won’t work if you forget to start the loop before you start the actual song.

I feel that this Multi step is nice when you know in advance you are going to use it and not something to do with every song, while the RB “active loop” is Always there, at least if you have set it during the ananlyses, which I still do for each and every new song.

Has this ‘loop active’ thing been implemented yet? Denon Engine seems to have it.

Did you manage to find a way to go to a saved cue point without it starting playback?