cue and start button, pitch and needle drop fail to work !!!


Today, suddenly the cue & start buttons, pitch and needle drop fail to work. Because of issues with my MCX8000 (Distortion) I had to buy myself a backup controller (Reloop Beatmix4) Could it have anything to do with me using the reloop controller this weekend with serato. Or is it an issue due to my serato 2.1 upgrade ??? (Controller works fine with virtual DJ) Many thanks for your feedback Cheers


Hello Is your MCX8000 on the latest firmware?


Firmware 2.1 is installed. I guess that is the latest one.


Yes it is and you’re on the latest Serato update too?


Indeed. Latest serato update is installed. Controller is sent over to DENON for revision.


Are you sure Serato is on internal mode? The latest update seems to default in absolute mode first time you start it.