Crossfader Video of new firmware

Crossfader has just posted that the new firmware for the SC6000 is available:

Can’t seem to find a download link, though.


Hi I’ve just seen this hope firmware update is released soon…

This could mean that new firmware is coming soon. I think they rushed this video too soon. They’re Dropbox integration video tutorial on YT has been taken down…

They will probably make the announcement here and on social media in the afternoon (CET time), I remember always being like that. Crossfader are UK based right?

Probably that’s why they have the video out before the official announcement (inMusic media department is probably in US).

Anyway, interesting timestamps in the video: 00:07 - closeup of playlist view 1:30 & 1:45 playlist view

They are UK based :slight_smile:

The dual wave view is welcome and there’s Dropbox plus some stripes when viewing playlists. Can’t wait to see what else has been done.

Hope the final 1.6 FW will be available for the 5000’s too :slight_smile:


Crossfader are saying that it is for SC5000 and SC6000 and should be available at 3PM UK time. They acknowledged that they jumped the gun releasing the video.

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My concern is whether it will have dual waveforms between the players not just the layers :thinking:

Of course they did, however there are rewards to reap from this ‘mistake’. :rofl:

From previous firmware download days, I suspect the release will contain a couple of big new features, a few “nice to have” features, a couple of user requests/suggestions, and a few bug fixes

It will then be followed by 10 nice comments about the release. 5 bratty comments about “where’s my feature that I wanted - I can’t believe that in 2021 I still can’t do…” , 5 slightly more moderate replies of “well my feature wasn’t here, but the other features are great” , 3 posts about “how do I load the firmware? And or “the screen is just sitting on this comment for 8 hours” and 1 post about “my model was working before I did the upgrade but now it isn’t”

Fingers crossed , there will be many good features covering people’s needs, even if not their wants.


That will probably be me :rofl:. (Full spectrum beat gridding on deck)

I’m actually more interested in improvements to the prime go this time around.

Well slap yourself on the wrist several times now then - be ahead of the game

Just seen the video and the duel wave forms look mad!!! When is this dropping?

In about 10 minutes if you read the thread.

As it’s taken an eternity to get here, hopefully it will fix all the stuff they broke in the previous version, and not add more problems.

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yes i saw when i scrolled up will download once its live

ok i have updated the firmwre but how do you access the duel waveforms there does not seem to be clear option for this?

Shift + view

Shift+View :wink:

Shift+Layer will unload the second layer, which is welcome, too. Has it always been that way?

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Sorry, shift+view :wink: