Crossfader problems with PRIME 4

Hello everyone!

I’m kinda new here but know quite a bit about Dj Hardware & Equipment. So, basically, I bought the PRIME 4, everything worked perfectly until now with the Crossfader. I’m using the left/right assignment for each chanel ( 1, 3 for left and 2, 4 for right ). Since just now, the crossfader stopped working properly with killing the sound for the right chanels completely when it’s all the way left and vice versa. I turned off the console, checked the switches, turned off the amplifier, unplugged it, let it “rest” for a few minutes, nothing changed. I did not jam the crossfader, I’m not an ape with the buttons, it seems like it doesn’t isolate the sound properly like before the problem appeared. It’s lile all chanels are on THRU. Help?

Also, if you’re still here, another issue I have with it is that when I use the pitch fader the console is lagging when I’m playing…It’s like it doesn’t aknowledge that I’m moving the pitch fader up and dowm and the screen doesn’t show changes in the bpm. Is this normal? If so, it might have something to do with the stick I’m playing from? 32 gb , which has over 1500 songs and some long mixes. The box in which it arrived was bruised. I’m using a voltage stabiliser for optimum power all the time.

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Hi @Bogdyindahous, welcome to the forum!

I’ve changed the title, because I think you mean crossfader. :sunglasses:

About that, I also think you (accidentally) changed to X FADER contour knob on the front. Turn it all the way left to have smooth cross fading.

About the pitch fader. That feature is called “soft takeover”. Notice the green triangles to see where the pitch fader needs to go when changing between layers.

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Yeah, thanks about the advice! I’ll look up that soft transition with the pitch fader. Set the x Fader all the way left, still doesn’t kill sound completely when the crossfader is on the right and sound signal is from left chanel and vice versa. So, nothing. :pensive: What to do? And Yooo, thanks for the greeting! Feeling incredible to be in this Forum! It means a lot, if you can imagine :grin::wink:

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Mm, weird. You’ve really changed the contour? See below, button 4:

About takeover of pitch fader:


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Yeah, bro. Did the x fader contour all the way left. I know how to use the pitch fader, it’s just lagging, meaning the console freezes at times but I believe the pitch fader is just a trigger for the freeze, meaning the console itself is slow, or has lag when using it…

Okay clear! Try a faster storage medium, just to be sure. A SanDisk Extreme, for instance.

The way you’ve described it, it does seem to be soft-takeover. The pitchfader enables when you reach the position indicated by the green triangle. Could you make a small video and upload it here?

If issues persist, you’ll probably need to contact support and let them have a look:

Denon DJ Global Support

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Just a auestion: is the channel assigned properly to the crossfader?

Yes, it is, sir. 1, 3 for left and 2, 4 for right…So I move the crossfader all the way left, music playing from chanel 2 or 4, it doesn’t kill the sound completely. So, I’m sad. It worked perfectly, what happened with it? Didn’t mess the faders whatsoever, I’m sensible with it, it’s like a fine loving woman that needs caressing :joy: I love her, it’s solid built, didn’t see any problems when it arrived so why now? Also…If I change the switches for the chanel(left, thru, right) it doesn’t work properly. I move it to left, music is even louder than on right, even if music is playing on right chanel, without moving any faders…Insane if you ask me. And another thing. Why do the chanel faders when I move them up or down make sound(like scratching some plastic)? Is this normal? The pitch faders or crossfader don’t make any sound and their move feel good, solid and smooth, easy. What is this?

And for @Reese: I’ll give it a go using a different(faster stick) or use fewer songs :grin: . Logically it should work faster, if this is the problem. If not, well, I’m disappointed. I will ask people from the store about this. It still has warranty so I want some explanations and a fix if I’m not wrong with using it. But I’m very positive it’s my fault cause I’ve put a crazy amount of songs and the stick is as tiny as my finger nail :joy:. Also, if you’re reading this, one time it stopped playing music on right deck(the screen, everything just freezed completely) and I couldn’t play anything on it until I turned it off and switched it back on. When this happened, what blew me away was that I could still play from left deck(chanel 1, 3) no problemo…But the ones on the right just freezed completely. I’ve noticed at the time I was playing a very long mix( a hour and half, something like that ) so maybe that was the thing :thinking: .

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