Crossfader Prime 4

Anybody knows how to activate crossfader in a Prime 4?

I found a secret document here that reveals the workflow on page 9 :wink: :

  1. Crossfader Assign: Routes the audio playing on the corresponding channel to either side of the crossfader (L or R), or bypasses the crossfader and sends the audio directly to the program mix (center, Thru).

Lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks joker but I already try that and the crossfader doesn’t work.

@Mpedro357 your question was how to activate. That’s clearly in the user guide. The fact that you tried things already and it isn’t working is new information.

We’re here to help, but you have to give the right information or ask the right question.


  • What exact steps did you take trying to activate the crossfader?
  • Is it a new unit and did it never work?
  • Can you upload a video of your issue?

My next guess, if you’re crossfader isn’t working at all and you are sure you followed the user guide exactly, is that the connection came loose. The crossfader is user replaceable. Try to unscrew the crossfader and check the connection. If that is also correct and confirmed the fader might be defect and you need to contact your retailer or support ( or reply by answering questions above in detail

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Unfortunately, this has been usual in this forum. Some newbies think their time is more valuable then other peoples’. Because of this, they seem to expect that fellow unpaid forum users should do their homework. Whenever anyone points that the information was available somewhere and they simply did not search nor invest some time reading the f ing manual, some of then, instead of apologising, revert to hard mode.

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Some poor tree gave it’s whole existence to make the manual, pointlessly, in some cases. …

Brother, this is not your business. Newbie? You should be more careful and respectful because You don’t even know me. Maybe you don’t even know the Device I’m talking about. For your information the denon prime 4 doesn’t come with a manual, it comes just with an user guide, for some reason the information provided there is not enough, or at least doesn’t work on my equipment. I already contacted denon about the problem, they will solve it. I didn’t respond anymore because I just didn’t like the sarcastic way I was answered back. Thanks for being worried about my equipment but don’t do it anymore, or maybe you just wanted to look like a smart and experienced guy snagging on a “newbie”. But you are wrong.

I rest my case.

Don’t you have anything else to do? Or you just spend your time sending emoticons and meaningless messages?

Sure, I’m only a page away from finishing reading another manual to help me get the best from my gear :sunglasses:

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Hi @Mpedro357

First of all, I apologize for my comment (or innocent meant joke) being taken as sarcasm. What is a little lighthearted for one person may seem uncivil or confrontational to the other. Although I initially chose to answer in combination with a joke (on a relative simple question), I have always included the serious answer in both my posts to help you out. As I said before, we’re here to help, but you have to give the right information or ask the right question. If you had indicated right away that there is an issue instead of the question of how it works, I wouldn’t even have used the joke and I immediately started thinking along about the solution.

That said, I am also happy that you were able to solve it with Denon and that it is / will be solved.

I also want to call everyone here in the topic to refrain from further personal attacks and to go on topic again or to stop the discussion.

You know, in the time you wasted talking â– â– â– â–  to that fella you could have just answered his query.

Call me old fashioned… Here is an easy to follow article on why I took the time to post above.

In case you don’t want to read, here is a summary:

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