Crossfader keeps freezing

hi just started using vdj 8 with a Denon MC3000 got it all up and running but have a problem with the cross fader !! it stops working if I leave it for anytime on stand buy HELP

I’d check the lappy for any power saving settings such as “allow computer to stop power to USB ports when no usage detected for a while” (or words to that effect)

If such an option is on/ticked, switch that option off.

Hi Many thanks for the super fast answer just tried the usb in a powered four way usb socket and so far its still working think it needs that extra bit of power

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just trying to find out if I have the latest firmware and drivers for my Mc 3000 Drivers are V1.0.0 (2015) Firmware is V1005

I would suggest using a free midi monitor app to verify that the fader is correctly sending midi. If so this is likely a software issue. You might want to try increasing your latency buffer inside Virtual DJ to see if this frees up resources.

What is your Systems Spec?

Hi i5 CPU and running 8GB of ram Have the Latency set at 320 funny how its just the cross fader that stops working and not the volume sliders etc