Crossfader issue mc6000mk2 with latest Serato DJ

My controller doesn’t get much use as I gig out in clubs mostly, so I’m confused to why the crossfader is leaking / malfunctioning when using Serato DJ 1.9.10

It seems to be behaving strangely. I only use deck 1 & 2 with cut setting on the crossfader. I am getting almost like a strange hamster setting on the right side of the fader (where it isolates deck 1) and a thru (of channels 1 & 2) on left side when it should be isolating deck 1.

I had to disable the crossfader.

I’m certain it’s not wear & tear.

Just as a test, can you try plugging in a couple of real audio devices eg: a pair of CD players etc and try the crossfader on the real devices rather than Serato.,

Does the bleed-thru still occur?

I’m now having the same problem with my MCX8000

Both my denon controllers, MC6000mk2 AND my MCX8000 leak on the same side. But I tried with hardware (line in devices), and there is no issue.

Then it’s a calibration issue with software or some software setting.