Crossfader cut for scratching left and right big gap , not precise cut off point

Hi there even when I go into the mixer settings to get the sharpest cut there is still at least 5mm of dead space before the crossfader hits the end of either left or right side ,I don’t remember it being like this I think it might of been an update that caused it but i am unsure ,I am unable to fix this issue

Hey @mr.pickz - What mixer are you referring to and what firmware are you currently using?

I am using the denon x1850 and firmware 1.5…its about the same amount as the denon go …it does not give you an accurate cut either…

Hey @mr.pickz - Are you able to share a quick video of what you’re experiencing. Something simple so we can take a look at it. You can upload it to Youtube and share a link via DM if you’d like.

I have it a little tighter ,might be the firmware but here

24 November 2021 - YouTube? feature=share