Crossfader Bleeding

My crossfader is bleeding. I have it all the way to the left and I can still hear music from my right deck. It was working perfectly until about a week or so ago. I’ve called customer service and left my number but no ones called me back. It also won’t let me submit a support ticket online. My product is however registered on Denon’s site. Can someone please assist me?

I would go back to your retailer as it is a hardware issue,

How long have you had the Go? If it is still in the exchang period get it replaced by them.

Most manufacturers will usual let one repair for crossfader a or faders go through as warranty but will treat subsequent fails as user inflicted damage inside or outside warranty.

So, if this is the first time it’s started bleeding audio, you should be ok.

I think there’s a crossfader calibration method for PrimeGO.

It’s at least a good idea to try to keep contacting DenonDJ Global Support for this.

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