Cross fader comparison X1800 vs X1850?

Is there any differences between the X1800 and the X1850 crossfader ? , and if so how much difference between the two. I have the X1800 and am thinking of upgrading , the crossfader on the X1800 does feel a bit flimsy a little noisy but has a direct cut for scratching and does the job so I can’t complain too much. Just wondering because Denon has JFB doing his thing in the crazy demo and I would assume the fader is up the the S9 and Rane 72 battle mixers standard which to me are # 1 for faders hands down in the world. Rane has a reputation for ever for their faders being the best of the best. …and I think Denon and Rane are the same company now no ? ??? I know most new Dj’s don’t use the fader but to me it’s the make or break if I get it or not . Hope Denon carrys on the legacy of quality built faders

They have the same fader. Same fader is in every Denon mixer since the X1500 model.

No difference at all . The only difference is the effects on the mixer ?

You can buy a third part crossfader and swap the included one out.

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I do know you can put an innofader inside the x1800 . …I would love the infinity fader but I will make do with what I got at the moment until I fully decide but am content with all my different gear and am thinking I most likey won’t upgrade now . Faders are make it or break it for me and if it’s no upgrade there is no point .thanks again

DO they still make aftermarket infinity faders? My D.4 had one and I absolutely loved that fader.

Do you mean Infinuim? They had the best cut ins. I play with my D.2pro once and awhile. It still works on my computer and with traktor. I just wish I could put them in almost everything like the innofader

Nah, Infinity makes custom fader stems for railed faders. They used to make one that fit the infiniums on Mackies.