Create playlist

Hi, I can’t create a playlist, I create the folder but I get no tracks found. I don’t know how to add tracks. Thanks

Hey @michelk6969 - Happy to help. Try following this video. It shows how to create playlists in the Engine Prime Software then export them to your console: Getting started with Denon DJ Engine Prime Software - A beginners guide! - YouTube

To sync your files to your Prime GO, you’ll want to use the Sync Manager to export the files to USB/SD/External HD being used with it. Hope this helps!

Thanks for answering. With the software I can do it, but in Prime go I only create the folder but I cannot add the tracks

Hey @michelk6969 - Perhaps this video will help: Denon DJ Prime GO Training Tutorial & Video Manual - Full Guide! - YouTube

Hey @Anthony_DDJ I saw this video and I did it but after create the playlist I can see tracks in the right part of the screen (appears empty). Thanks ¡