Crates in Prime organized as folders in hard drive?


I have around 2000 songs in my hard drive, organized in a given folder structure (for example, folders named as dates). Each song is analyzed with its cue points, loops, etc. However, I decided that I need to change the folder structure in my hard drive (and I want to place the music files in new folders that will be named as genres). If I change the folder structure, all of these songs will lost in Engine Prime. What can I do to change the folder structure and keep the songs in Engine Prime, without loosing all the cue points, loops, etc?

Is there any way to “sync” the music files in the Hard drive with the Engine Prime collection, keeping the folder structure (where folders in the HD are converted to crates in EP), without the need to add manually each new song?

I also prefer to have a folder structure on my hdd, so I created all my folders with the music in it first. Then added it all to the EP collection. That way I keep my folder structure & EP can still search through all my music. Anyways, there ‘might’ be a better way to do this, but I think the easiest way to do it, would be to move all the music into the new folders that you’ve created on your hdd. Then open up EP, add all that music to your collection (by drag & dropping the new folders) then delete the ‘missing’ files from your collection as they will no longer be in the places they were before. Im sure by re-adding them before you delete the ‘missing files’ all your cue points etc… will be retained. Perhaps try this on just a single file first, just to be safe.

Yeah but then, everytime that I enlage my collection (let’s say, I add 50 new songs: 3 in drumnbass, 5 to house, 5 to trance, 5 to edm, etc), I have to add all these songs manually one by one?

Not necessarily one by one, once you have your folder structure in place, you would drag the specific genre folders (or whichever folders) back onto the collection / crate / playlist (whichever you use) it will update all the new tracks in each.


Many thanks @crazycraig I will try it later!