Crashing constantly :(

You know I’m really starting to lose it with engine…

i have my drive ordered by genre (folders). My collection mimics that folder hierarchy. I add new tracks to the folder of its corresponding genre in finder.

In engine I open volumes>USB>genre folder>search for the new track I then drag that into the corresponding collection folder.

(A long and convoluted workflow but there we go)

Anyway… now, whenever I go back to volume to search for the next new track i want to add to my collection it just crashes…


I add a new track, go to search, click, crash!

It happened last week before a gig, I had no choice but to delete my library and start again, one week later and here I am again!!!

I neve had this issue until this version! Seriously unstable!!!

Anyone with any advice, or maybe a better workflow considering I want to keep my drive hierarchy and collection matching in layout?

Am getting same also different issues as well. I called denon an address the I was having an more. They are some what aware of it guess they looking for more to come forward so they can get to the bottom of it. Trust me bro I feel your pain I going nuts my self. Hope they get a fix quick. You are not alone

Hi @MixMan, thank you for posting. I have made our Dev Team aware of this am awaiting response. They will let me know what they need to look into this issue.