Couple of issues MC vs Traktor DJ

Hi everybody.

I just moved from Pioneer to Denon and noticed a couple of weird things about the compatibility of mc4000 and Traktor.

My first issue you can see on the photo below. Traktor starts its fx section at random values, while the knobs on the controller are all at 0.

Another issue same to the one above is with the channel faders - I start the Traktor, load the song, fader is at 0 (so all the way down) but if I press play it will be heard on the speakers as if the fader is all the way up.

The solution to both problems metioned is to simply move all the knobs, faders from the original position just so that the Traktor can “read” their current position.

Is there a way for traktor to immediately see whats the value of each knob/fader so that I can just plug and play without moving the buttons and faders first?

(after activating the knobs/faders the issue never happens again)

Also, when I rotate the knobs for master out and booth out, the volume drops/rises, but the knob on the traktor isnt moving.

Any ideas on the issue?

I have the latest firmware installed, windows drivers also (all from Denondj website).

That’s normal for 3rd party Hardware (anything MIDI).

I’d save snapshots of Traktor’s effects banks with all the parameters in neutral (off) positions. That way you probably won’t end up with an effects mess when turning the knobs the first time.

That’s because, unlike budget competition models, Denon has independent (hardware) master volume that gives you not just more volume but also ability to record your live set while increasing the volume of the music through the night.

Usput seronjo, javi se za cugu ako si sada u ZG :smiley:

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Thank you for your reply, that is a feature I will most surely exploit in the future.

Iiiii, ok? Javit ću se? :smiley: :joy::joy: