Countdown on power loss

Do you guys get a countdown when you pull the plug from your SC5000? I seem to recall seeing this on youtube and on my player i think when I first got it but now I don’t (difference now being I’m on the latest fw update). Also I vaguely recall it being 10 second of run time before an orderly shutdown of the player but now it seems like 3 to 5 seconds.

Can you guys please check your players and get back to me? No big deal for me but I just want to know if I am losing my mind or not LOL

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Gee from Denon wrote this last year:

It was felt that it would be much better if the unit used its Super capacitor technology to instead, perform a safe shutdown and eject of any USB media that was connected to the player. So, in firmware 1.0 which was the version used in all the production units, the big red screen and giant 10 second. Countdown was replaced by an onscreen icon in the top left corner of the screen which appears when the incoming power is lost and denotes when the player is performing a safe eject of the media.

USB media differs in how long it needs for a safe USB eject, as different media uses cache memory differently. some Solid State technology knows it’s better to write less frequency to the drive and so will often “store up” what could have been lots of individual writes, into one big, long write. A very full SSD could take longer than a Hard disk drive to finish writing data. For this reason, its best to use the emergency power handling capabilities of the SC5000 super capacitor as an emergency option only.


Great thanks and sorry to repost. Did not see this when I did a search.


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Answered before. Accidental power disconnect - keeps playing?

A read-only mode would be nice, or at least the ability to NTFS read-only as it says in the specs and manual for them. If I don’t care about saving cues, history, and I’m worried about my database size or version or whatever, seems like read-only might be a lot less hassle in some cases. There’s no license requirement for NTFS read-only, btw.

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