Could Inmusic purchase Traktor?

Just reading the latest Traktor gossip that Allen & Heath are ironing out a deal to purchase Traktor. Or perhaps another company… As I’ve come from Traktor it wouid be nice to see Traktor in good hands with Inmusic but I really don’t think it will be them. Could be wrong though. DJ business is a funny old game. Wouid Traktor add value to Inmusic. Digitally they are poles apart with thier software code. Who ever does buy Traktor it’s going to need overhauling with lots of $$ spent.


No i think A & H should go ahead. Competition is good no?

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I completly agree. My statement was more to say more interest may be there other than A&H. A&H would be great though due to the market they aim at. Good fit for both.

Inmusic could easily purchase traktor if they wanted to.

A&H would be the most likely candidate in my opinion. NI did mention they wanted to make software to embed in hardware. So we might see some A&h standalone gear. Maybe not. Who knows.

Just gotta wait and see.

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I agree. Or inmusic could buy Traktor to slowly fade it out. Kill off software competition. That’s a pretty ruthless model but they would have a European sortware developing base.

Native instruments seem to have done a great job of doing that already. But it’s a good idea to have less of the also-rans. A small selection of options is good. Too many options though and people can get confused and end up buying on impulse or on the word of a mate or magazine article rather than doing their own reconnaissance

Believe it or not Traktor became profitable for 1. The layoffs 2. They sold their timecode soul by opening up to all dvs capable mixers.

The haptic wheel controller and dvs opening generated a lot of traktor’s revenue.


I had a traktor S4 mk3 before my prime 4 and now prime go. I like the software/hardware combo. Who ever buys it please show it some love :heart_eyes:

Maybe Inmusic has already acquired all the useful musical And programming members of Native instruments … working in their New Zealand office to produce…

      • Traktor Engine * * *

The leader in the field :tractor:

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Berlin to New Zealand. Bit of a distance.

Why? I don’t have a single problem with their software so I am wondering where you’re coming from. To me it is a mature stable product.

I think just because the software code is so old that really can’t do much more with it. Yes it’s really stable and I like it alot but for example no steaming services can or will be added to Traktor Pro. Thier new app TP2 can but it just needs development. Another example on horizontal waveforms they are quite glitchy as they are. Another example of the the code. That have even admitted that themselves. Im a fan of Traktor but as is its outdated and needs recoding if that want to make the most of the new digital dj age.

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Thanks; makes sense.

As a advanced Traktor user I can also add some stuff. For example controller manager needs more development (to build more advanced mappings like for SC5000) I hit a limit of modifiers and logic conditions (like: do this if that is ON). They could work more on the latency, sometimes External sound source is hard to sync with internal clock. No flexible beat grids yet. Only 8 hotcues exchangeable To loops or markers…? This should be separate like Prime has from day 1. More options to adjust/manage Your views. No day view… - would be handy to have for those sunny beach parties. Processing of the software. I noticed on many macbooks when traktor is on CPU usage jumps a lot from minimum to 60-70% and it does that like 10 times per second. There is also a big request from users for more tight Maschine-Traktor integration - and they only add a sampler sequencer that is still buggy and not intuitive to use. Remix decks - my favourite part of traktor is done great. Stems - maybe ok, but need better implementation (maybe like vdj has it now). So actually Traktor has a long way to go to catch up to todays standards and options that competition already has. Just my thoughts…

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