Corrupted files - how to check?


Last weekend I had 2 major events with more then 40 djs playing with my Prime setup. We had only one small issue with file reading. One - exactly one dj came with some sort of corrupted file / files that froze the deck and caused it to do a core dump. After reset, we removed the usb stick and all was fine like nothing happened. I used my macbook to reformat the drive and put back his music on it. Unfortunately the problem was still there. One or more of his mp3’s were causing issues. Is there a way to check and eventually eliminate the faulty files from the usb? Any one had any more experience with such thing?

Did you copy the culprit file? :grimacing:

Yeah, I have all files on my macbook now

Hi @NoiseRiser - What build were you running on your SC5000’s? Was this a beta build?

When possible please upload the coredump here:

Hm… just checked the files that I copied from my friends “corrupted” usb afterthe deck crush. The coredump is not there… Now I realised that we had another usb in the back of the unit from another dj, maybe player wrote it there… well this usb I don’t have :confused:

Ok, the files would be on the source drive.

What build were you using? Beta? I’m pretty sure we only coredump on beta builds.

Yes, as I didn’t had time to revert to main release. This also proved, that the current beta is very stable and I would say… club ready. One event 21:00 till 6:00 next evening and 150km further - 20:00 till 12:00 the next day. Everything was perfect. Only the corrupted mp3’s from one dj. I noticed also that the files from his usb stick are getting copied way slower than usually for 5GB of music over usb 3.0. I will keep investing his mp3’s then, as I have the complete usb stick copy on my macbook since then.

Ok, I understand but this is why we don’t recommend using beta’s in live situations.

Please help to keep beta related discussions in the beta area.