Corrupted DataBase on Prime 4 after Crash Engine Prime 1.3.3

who can help. i have analyzed new music on my prime…then engine crashes prime 1.3.3 up…prime 4 did not recognize the database anymore. Database corrupted. ■■■. how to recover a broken database. Denon please help me. Important is that I get my history back. I need a way to repair the database, or where can I read my history.

Denon Team please do it like serato always puts a backup database on the Prime 4. It can help us after a crash not to have to start everything from scratch. Please install immediately into the software…

And, you have to make engine Prime more stable, because I don’t know why it came to the crash.


While Denon could include in Engine Prime the option to backup the database, you could do it yourself, everyone you work on it. You simply copy the folder containing the database and paste it in a location, other than the main operating system partition. If something goes wrong with active Engine Prime database you can rewrite / replace the potentially corrupted database with the backup database. You could also try to repair Engine Prime installation just in case something might go wrong with it.

thanks for the answer, but now it’s too late and i’ve been doing the tip since yesterday. but the history is still gone and lost. It would be better if the program just does it, so that you don’t have to run into the trap first, but already have a backup.

so still the question to all and denon open how do i get my history or from which file can i read it with an editor.

At this point you don’t know if the entire database is corrupted or only part of it, so you can try this:

  • copy all database files to another location on your HDD, then delete all database files from the library folder and start by creating a fresh empty library
  • close Engine Prime
  • copy only the m.db file from the other HDD location and replace the newly created m.db file inside engine library folder
  • open Engine Prime and see what happens. If it open fine and displays your files, continue like before, replacing each database file until you find the corrupted one.
  • continue working with your library from this point accordingly

If you also keep your library up to date in Serato or Rekordbox, you can import it to Engine Prime

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unfortunately the database is not the same as that of serato at least as far as the history is concerned…i can’t bring the history of serato into the prime market until today…i can’t find a way to do that

I’ll try replacing it with the file.

Ok so i’ve had this same issue as you, i have a SSD installed, there is a post somewhere about backing up files m & p (both database files) to say your desktop, which i have been doing.

every time it crashes i just copy over those 2 files and open engine prime and everything goes back to normal. All you have to do is regularly back up those 2 files, i analyse a folder at a time then back up m&p then if it crashes i have the backups.

For the money spent on Prime 4 i wish i didn’t have to do this each time, but for me it seems the software isn’t stable enough to analyse more that 150 tracks at a time, maybe it will become more stable in future updates

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@Canaris what is stored in m.db? can you detail what’s in the others too?

The m.db file contains metadata, crates, history, playlists, tracks info. The p.db file contains performance data info, like cues, beatgrids, waveform. The sm.db and sp.db files refers to files stored on removable storage media.

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Using Serato, you can create a crate & pull all the history you want from serato into that crate. Then import that crate into EP. That should work to get your history from serato into EP - If that’s what you are trying to do. As others have said, it might not be your entire database that is corrupt. You might be able to restore it by copying/backing up the entire “corrupt” database, then create a new database & replace p.db & m.db of the new database one by one until you get the “database corrupt” error again. Then you will know which part of that database has the problem. Maybe you get lucky & the m.db is still functional.

Having the same issue, hope this can be fixed i cant do my 65,000 tracks 150 at a time.

Just had this same thing happen to my main External SSD “AND” my backup drive. Incredible!!

short info to all who have / had the same problem as me. I cannot convert any of your tips or my own into a successful solution. all data is simply gone. Nothing is recoverable. Denon finally has to do some homework and integrate an automatic backup. Now I always made my own copy of the library and backed it up until there was something new. Also the software must become better. times look when.

One tip was to import the Serato history via the Creates, that doesn’t work at all on my MAC either. all videos that show this didn’t lead to any success…

So a tip to all, think of your own backup of your database.


For repair database, follow this procedure : Corrupt database.pdf (507.4 KB)

Enjoy :slight_smile: