Corrupt Database /Large Collection

I have received my Prime Go five days ago and am yet unable to use it. I have gone through 4 different sd-cards and every attempt to synchronise my 80GB collection to the sd card have ended in the notification that the database is corrupt. I have tried exFAT and FAT formatting of the drives - seems to make no difference.

How do I get my music onto the Prime Go? I have spend five days trying and am thinking of returning the unit (which seems great) because of this catastrophe of a software.

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SD cards have speed rating class - not all good

For starting - try a really good make of USB flash drive

Cheers for the answer, though it doesn’t really help much considering the Prime Go has a SD-slot probably for a reason. All SD cards I used have class rating 10 and work fine for all other purposes.

I just noticed that the Prime Engine software also stops short of synchronising smaller amounts of data. What is going on? I tried to synchronise 10 crates and it stops after 4, claiming the sync is done. Then it doesn’t eject the SD-Card when I press the eject button, but seems to noodle on forever. There is no database maintenance/cleanup tool in Prime Engine either, so it’s reformatting time every time it corrupts the database. Seriously?

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Make sure the SD card is ExFAT in format. FAT32 has a file size limit that can cause database corruption in large collections.

Then do not forget to eject the SD card before removing it from computer or Prime Go or you get corruption.

There is an step by step manual, how to transfer large collections to prime devices (in german). It also should work for sd cards as well.

Just copy first you whole folder structure with your music to the sd card (with normal transfer tools, such as windows explorer or apple finder)

than open it (with prime in computer mode) in Engine Prime. Drag all folders one by one to your collection.

(because all music files are still on sd card, engine prime doesnt change the folder structure but analyses it´s content and insert it to the database.)

its faster, imo.

That’s interesting. When I imported my data to EP and used EP to put the files onto my Prime 4, I was not happy about the directory layout. I had no idea that I could copy my structure using the OS and EP would not change anything.

Be aware that you will have to be managing two sets of collection if you choose this method

You can’t sync cues over from laptop drive to sd card if you choose to manually copy all the folder and tracks over

Each track will be treated as a different file by Engine Prime.


80gb is not a huge size, maybe you have a “corrupt” file in your collection. When I say corrupt I mean a file that is causing EP to misbehave. Said file may work fine in other dj applications.

Try splitting the library into 10 crates eg 8gb each and copy each crate to the SD card.

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My way of working would be to connect the external drive, run EP and edit the data directly on the external drive (destination) rather than the local library (source).

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yea, thats how I do it also.

I have no problems with the CUE´s. And after importing everything, just do a manual backup of SD or internal/external drive, to a backup drive of your choose.

If something gets wrong, you only have to transfer the database, or if all fails the entire backup.

Since my very first database error in the beginning, I haven´t had any issues with that anymore. (knock on wood xD)

Also a hint for updating existing folders:

If you add new music to that folder, just drag that folder again to your collection. The database only adds the new files and analyse them.

If you want to delete some music:

Delete the music you don´t want from the folder. Start engine Prime … the missing files will than be red. Just remove them than from your collection …

So with this method, your “collection” is not on the internal HD of your PC, but on the USB stick (or SDXC or internal HD on P4), right?

Only if it was that easy lol. The reds are scattered around the library with no way to group them together for mass delete.

Yes that’s what some of us do. Just be sure to have a full clone of the external somewhere else or cloud :partly_sunny: storage

I have been using external storage for my music collection for over 10 years now.

Cheers everyone, I have managed to transfer my collection successfully onto a usb-drive. It really seems to be the writing speed of the sd-card that causes Prime Engine to misbehave.

We certainly need a “show missing files” option. Or of course smart crates, so we could create the filter ourselves.

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Thats right. I have only the collection on the internal ssd/sd/usb (and a backup of the final created one, on an external hdd.)

If you’re experiencing database corruption, please visit the link below and provide the requested information.

Doing so will help us better understand what may be causing this for some users and quickly find a solution.

We greatly appreciate your help!