Copying database from SSD to SD card

Hello everyone, I have a general question - On my prime 4 I have an internal hard drive. I purchased an SD card and copied all the music (except Engine folder) from internal drive to the SD card, so they both have the same files. If I copy the Engine folder from the internal hard drive and paste it into the SD card will this the prime 4 recognize all the folders, playlists etc. or do I have to open Engine software and do everything from scratch create playlists, folders and re-analyze all the songs on the SD card?

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What capacity the ssd and the sd ?

SSD is 240 gig and SD card is 128 gig

Just copy ALL including engine folder with prefered OS copy tools. Explorer, Finder etc.

Keep the music structure the same and you’ll have no issues.

Great. Thank you!!

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