Cooling Fan Installation

I completed installing an Infinity 40mm USB cooling fan to keep the Prime 2 operating cooler. I perform in many different environments that sometimes can get very hot such as a loft in a barn. This little fan keeps the air flow moving under and through the prime’s side and rear vents.

Hope this can be of help to other DJ’s who play in warm environments or just want your prime to run cooler and last longer. Please note I do not use the usb on the Prime to operate the fan. If you don’t have another available usb they sell an ac adapter to plug into instead.

USB Cooling Fan Install Photo

As the fan doesn’t have a filter, I’m thinking you’ve put the fan on the outside of a prime vent, with the fan pulling warm air out, rather than the fan pulling air and dust into the prime.

It’s good rhT you’re using a separate usb power supply, not the prime

I contemplated the direction of the fan blowing or sucking. That seems to be a entirely separate thread as there are pros and cons to both ways. But mine is blowing and I haven’t installed the filter yet but will before my next event.

An exhaust fan can actually increase the dust levels inside as it creates an airflow imbalance of negative pressure that forces air into the device through any available gaps to fix the imblanace.

An intake fan with a filter would be best in this situation. However, unless you are outside of the devices’ recommended operating temperatures I doubt a fan is even really needed.

I remember before the Prime my MacBook would get so hot when doing outdoor summer events even in the shade. I used a similar fan only larger 80mm and the laptop remained cool to the touch all night. I used the Denon for many hours transferring music to the internal SSD and the Denon got very warm in the bottom (not much space underneath the prime)and it’s fairly cool where I live. So I started to think of the type of events I do in the summer and got thinking how hot the Denon could get without any internal cooling fan. It’s more of a piece of mind and it’s nice knowing it’s not getting too hot. I also regularly clean my equipment after using in outdoor or dusty environments.

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