Convert Spotify to TIDAL with Soundiiz

Here’s a workaround to get your Spotify playlists into TIDAL. Hopefully this won’t be needed for too long but until then, it’s a free tool and gets the job done.



secretly I think this is a very nice sentence :wink:


Hi JWiLL check this link


Awesome! Looks like there are a couple of different solutions out there.

Do you use this?

If so, how are you liking it?

Thanks for sharing!

So your saying there is a chance… Spotify might play ball with the prime 4 . I hope so🤞 Really don’t want to trade to tidal.

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I’m hopeful that all streaming services will one day work with Prime Series products. :pray:t3:

Tune My Music is a great platform, really versatile, I use it all the time.

Just a little warning to these services… Sometimes it gives back karaoke versions of tracks instead of the original track, so be sure you always check your conversion

you can easily transfer using Musconv