Convert prepare list to playlist

Is it possible to convert a prepare list to a playlist.

When I am building a set I find the swipe left feature quite useful to pick out tracks, it would be nice to be able to then convert that list to a playlist for further refinements

Nope, the prepare list has different purpose than the playlist. Also this topic was already asked several times. Please use the search function for reference.

Ok, thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

Hang your head in shame mate. Always use the search first. Compared with other forums, I’ve experienced a disproportionate (not completely welcoming) number of folk in here who are very eager to jump on those who don’t abide to strict forum etiquette. Like its a crime against humanity.

Would be a handy function for sure

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At least here, we don’t delete or censor posts and topics unless multi-flagged.

However, I do like Battery Sergeant Major Williams. :joy:

Lovely boy :smiley:

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You and your university education, “Lah-Di-Dah” Gunner Graham.

(And back on topic…forum etiquette)

In the defence to the person who made this post here is that It’s not always easy at least to know if somehthing has been posted. I seached for a topic and didn’t find anything with the words that I would have used to describe the issue and after creating my own post I was informed of a similar posts. The search function of the Forum could do with some improvements. Just saying it’s not always easy if your not a FORUM-enthusiast. Things are always obvious to the people that knows but not who much to those who doesn’t. So informing that there are other post about the matter is okay as long as it’s done with a friendly tone…

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