Convert prep folder to play list?

Hey everyone, let me start by saying how impressed I am with the prime series, I am a multidisciplinary designer and when new things get in my hands I usually find ways to hate them, but man am I blown away by this setup!

Anyhow the one thing I noticed and maybe it is already there is when I create a prep folder on the sc5000 is there any way of converting that into a playlist?


Thanks for the suggestion. The idea has been added to the Feature Request List for our in-house development team to review.

That’s is awesome news as I have been struggling not being able to create a pre arranged set via the players, its really let me down with creativity on the fly without having to jump back on to engine software, my main reason of buying was to get away from software for the majority of the time after the analysis stage. So I much appreciate this and sorry for doubting in another post of mine, I just hope eventually we can do most if not all tasks via the players. :grinning: