Conversion RB > Prime not updating changes with updated xml

Hi, I would like to ask the following. Today I have tried to convert a record box xml to import in Prime. The first time it is ok and all the loops and cues are there. If you change something in Rekordbox, export a new xml and try to update it in Prime, it does not see the changes in e.g. another track. It only is ok the first time you do something with all crates, playlists etc in Prime being empty. As soon as you update the Rekordbox xml and want to load / update the collection in Prime it does not work. Does anybody have a solution to solve this ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi @djlex,

This is expected behavior. Currently, Rekordbox import is a one time import. The functionality primarily exists to allow Rekordbox users to import their music into Engine Prime to try the Prime Series eco system without having to recreate the music collection. If you would like the ability to import multiple times, please make the request below. Thanks!

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Hi, thanks for your reply. All clear then. I don’t have to search anymore if something is wrong. Lex

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