Controlling PC USB Output on MC6000MK2 Channel


When not using Serato or VJ and getting default output of Mac thru MC6000MK2, only control I have over PC outout is master volume on the device. Is it possible to assign PC’s output (on the usb cable) to a channel, so I have more control over it?


I have the same questions and i too need help in this. Thanks in advance,

Regards, Shane.


No reply from support team?


Hello Sorry no one has come back to you. Have you contacted Technical Support via our website?


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This is normal. Without using a compatible DJ software (Serato/VDJ) the Mac/PC will send the system audio straight to the master output/headphones. Both PC/Mac are not capable of accessing the individual channels on their own.


Thanks for the reply! Is there a way to proxy Mac/PC output to channel 1 or 2, without using an external sound card in between? I mostly play Spotify and Vinly at home, I’d like to have some control over PC output for smooth transitions.