Controlling EngineDJ with Numark Mixstream Pro (or any other use of USB PC connection)

Hi How do I setup the Numark Mixstream Pro to control Engine DJ? The Mixstream Pro is equipped with an USB connection to the computer and the Mixstream Pro user guide mentions a “computer mode” that can be activated via the setup/source screen with the computer icon, but there is no such icon when connected to the computer. In fact, it doesn’t seem the Mixtream is recognized as any external device at all by my computer (yes, I checked the cable :slight_smile: ). Is the USB-B connector just built into the device for future use or did I just missed a point?


It simply can’t control EngineDJ. All other Prime gear can’t either, at the moment.

Engine DJ is just librarian software for prepping tracks. It’s not DJ perfomance software like VDJ, Rekordbox DJ, Traktor, Serato etc.

The idea of devices like the Mixstream Pro and the Denon Prime series is that they can be used without requiring DJ software - they’re standalone devices.

I know what EngineDJ does. But it would be handy to use the Mixstream for controlling it if it is already next to the PC on the table anyway. OK. And what is this ominous “Computer mode” then, when not for controlling EngineDJ? (If it were functional on my machine).

VirtualDJ (probably the first who will support it) or maybe Serato (if they will support it).

And to update tracks from your computer on the device, but that would really not be needed as you’d use a external drive already, because the controller cannot contain an internal drive.

These devices are ready for future stuff. Engine desktop might become DJ software one day.

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Then why ask how to control it with the Mixstream Pro? :man_shrugging:


Well, I’ switched from the Traktor ecosystem where preparation and performance is done in the same program and I am accustomed to use a controller also for previewing and playing while preparation so why not?

Yes, all DJ “performance” software progs do that - but Engine DJ is only a librarian (which you claim to know). Coupled with the fact that you bought a standalone DJ console, not a controller, you can’t really expect it to work the same way as Traktor.

I don’t see anything against controlling a librarian software with a controller. There are people controlling even Photoshop with a MIDI controller. But OK, there is no sense in arguing about a theoretical possibility. I’ll learn the keyboard shortcuts. Bye.


At the risk of this turning in to a bit of a Pile on, it does look like you could have done a bit more homework first.

Engine DJ is not DJ performance software. You’re asking about connecting an unsupported controller to a software package that doesn’t do what you want to do.

I’m all for helping out beginners with basic questions, but a little bit of research before you started would have been a good starting point.

Yes, you could have spared your comment. My question was long answered, see first answer. I am not a noob, no need to patronize. I know what a preparation software does and that it is not for performance. I don’t want to repeat myself. There is a difference between demanding Engine DJ a complete DJ performance tool and just the humble wish to control some functions with it: browse trough the tracks, load it, move the crossfader… And though this is maybe a no-go in this forum to say, but Rekordbox does it. You can connect your stand-alone player Pioneer player to the PC and control the rekordbox library software with it. Even perform with it, although this is just a stand-alone player. Isn’t it fantastic? And the Numark Mixstream Pro is not and unsupported controller, it runs on Engine OS and is officially supported by Denon (which is, as you surely know, essentially the same company, just another brand like with Boss/Roland). Why I asked? Screenshot 2021-12-27 220657 Because of this obviously wrong passage in the Mixstream manual.

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Don’t know if it’s really a wrong passage in the manual. I think the pitfall is that Engine desktop simply doesn’t listen to MIDI commands at the moment and the manual doesn’t state that btw.

It would be lovely if (one day) we could use our laptops with Engine DJ as an external music source for our standalone systems. So basically turn our laptops into big hard drives. I would’ve absolutely love being able to prep for shows on my laptop and not have any more steps. Maybe one day?

But I have to imagine in the future, the Mixstream Pro will work with some DJ software. Just a wild hunch : )

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That day has been here for many years. Buy a controller and use DJ software.

I’ll never understand why people buy standalone devices then want to use them as controllers.

That was fast PK but you’re missing my point! I don’t wanna use the computer as anything more than a hard drive. Freeing up processing for other things during shows. I LOVE using my Prime gear standalone and am done with Serato, Rekordbox, Etc. Perspective.

That is not wrong. Manual states that You can send midi messages - yes You can. But there is no info what software will read those messages. Try to map it to traktor or virtual dj for a start. Maybe it will work that way. Engine dj as many people already said- does not support midi yet. Maybe someday in the future…

I was told by a member of Atomix staff back in October that there’s “no MIDI support for this device”, and that despite a Numark rep saying on a live stream that they might use the USB port in future, the staff member doubted it.

You can still map any midi controller in virtual dj and traktor. No extra support needed for that.

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