When is Denon going release a statement on Big Sur, i have been waiting a very long time. All my music is in Big Sur format, if i downgrade i will lose all my music. So come on Denon.(mc6000mk2) It is So furstrating.

Sorry, I don’t understand?

Denon says,"they are still looking in to It problems started when i downloaded Big Sur the music didn’t sound nice and clean like it did before.

Mc6000mk2 is discontinued - no new software for this product will be ever made. If You have problems with Big sur - you should first investigate where the problem comes from. It is very unlikely to be the controller. It could be the audio driver that is build in to this operating system. We mac users know, that apple likes to break audio drivers in the newer OSX… same was with denon x1600/1700 mixers. After El- capitan - mixers were no longer visible in the system as a soundcard.

Check your dj software audio and buffer settings first.

Many thanks for that. I’m using Serato DJ Pro, so i will look into the audio and buffer settings. Cheers.

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