Control MCU Missing during firmware update

I have just brought the MCX8000, I have downloaded the latest firmware to my Macbook Pro 2016 and attempted the update as per instructions.

The update started fine but for the last 90 minutes it has frozen on Control MCU missing. The instructions are very clear that I shouldnt power the unit off so what do I do??

Hey DJ-Corey,

Sorry you’re having trouble with your MCX8000 - we’re here to help you! I’ve gotten in touch with you outside the forum. Look out for my email!

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hello i have the same problem. can you help me by mail?

I also have the same problem. How can I proceed?

Hi!, i got the same problem, how do i resolve? please help me!

@DJ-Corey did you solve the problem?

Hi am new here and just got mine how do I fix the control MCU missing error Please I need an urgent reply thank you