Continuous mode, repeats randomly and several times the same title in a playlist folder

Hello, when using my Prime 4 with 1.6 beta 2, I created a playlist folder imported with Serato Dj, then exported on Engine Prime 1.5.1 to my P4. The playlist folder is used for background music and I therefore put it in continuous mode and there from time to time … the continuous mode stumbles on a title, it will read it 2/3 times so that the file is read entirely I will have to click on the title just below for it to be played, without having to load it, the problem is random and it will not be each time on the same title and it can be done after hour, as after half an hour, the playlist folder contains 200 iTunes tracks purchased on the Apple platform. No problem on older Engine OS.

Since I had read that it is better to use Engine Prime and Engine OS both in V1.6 BETA, I would first try to repeat the import and subsequent playlist creation using Engine Prime V1.6. Maybe nothing changes, but at least you will have followed the right procedure.

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Unless things have improved, the playback of continuous audio from playlists used to be something that could be interrupted by the DJ using the deck for other searches. So if you had a playlist of 100 soft rock songs playing in continuous and then thought you’d search for a track you wanted later from a trance playlist, the deck seemed to start playing from the newly displayed trance playlist.

It was as though the playback was using the display screen as it’s list to play from, instead of the deck really playing from the list (unless the list was displayed onscreen and you weren’t touching it)

I had already detected the problem with Engine Prime 1.6 public beta and the problem is also present on 1.5.1 (when I reinstalled it), Engine Prime versions to have seen nothing that my files come from SDJ. The problem comes from Engine OS, because on previous versions, I don’t encounter worry. When the song plays several times, instead of continuing to read the other music, I am sitting and eating. So I am not doing any research on the controller.

On the other hand indeed, I also noticed and that on all versions of engine os … that if we navigate in another folder, other than the one dedicated to the background musical playlist … the P4 will read a title that is in this other folder, so that it does not happen … it will quickly be necessary to return to the background musical playlist folder so that it continues reading.

From what we understand, 1.6beta has at least the same bugs present in 1.5, perhaps because it was created starting from 1.5 before receiving the various BUG reports. All this to say that if a bug was present in 1.5 it will surely be present in 1.6beta too.

If they have not already been reported, I think it would be better to report these bugs in the appropriate section, with reference to version 1.5

DjAj, Do not confuse Engine OS and Engine Prime (software).